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Shorts 2: Run or Be Gone!

- Amor Killt! (die Filmmaschine, Christian Kreil) - True Love Always Kills Ninja's!
- The History of Magic (Dano Johnson) - Biking Home is Not Easy
- Sol (Carlos Gananian) - Sol Only Listens to One Voice. His voice
- Rambabe (Daan Venmans) - Rambabe Gets Arrested - Justice?
- Cruelle Est La Nuit (Alan Deprez) - Risky Mission? Oh Boy, Things Are Going to Degenerate
- Downunder (Fernando González Gômez) - Highroad Killer Takes on the Character of his Victims
- Incubator (Jimmy Weber) - Man With Alien in His Tummy

On Stage Interview Richard Stanley + The White Darkness

Richard Stanley comes to Holland! Not only will we have a special screening the documentary Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr. Moreau and the Dutch Premiere of Richard Stanley’s The Otherworld, which is about the history of magical belief in his home of Montsegur, France. Mr. Stanley will be on hand to talk about these films and will have a Q&A. Afterwards we will screen this documentary The White Darkness! It’s going to be awesome! BE THERE!